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ft-857d main dial does not works on AM/FM mode in all bands (HF/VHF/UHF)

I use the ft-857d the last 3-4 years. I love it. Wish I Yaesu create a new small size all band all modes TX/RX with SDR as FTDX-10.
Sorry for the intervention does anybody knows how to solve a problem with my ft-857d? The main rig dial does not work on AM/FM mode in all bands. It operates naturally in SSB, CW, Digital.
I truly believe there is a function that turned off the main dial.

I know this is really old but I was looking into the same thing and found the answer (in case someone else happens upon this).

From the FT-857D Operating Manual, page 48:

In the AM and FM modes, the DIAL is locked out...

If you wish to enable the DIAL for tuning in the AM and FM modes, change the setting of Menu Mode No-004 [AM&FM DIAL]. See page 99 for more details