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Buckmaster off center 4 band dipole - 6,10,20,40

So with the 7300 inbound I had to get an antenna, even if temporary, to get started with. In spite of all the good advice you all have given, I went rebel and decided to give the Buckmaster 4 band off-center dipole a chance.  I'll drop a report here when I get it up and in use.



Thanks. Chris !

will be. Interested to see how’s this antenna and your new 7300 work out for you !!

So far I’m happy with the Antenna on 20, 40, and even 60 and 80. Not sure how it’s doing on 6 and 10... no good results there right now. Will keep the forum posted as I get a little more time with both the radio and the antenna.


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Thanks Chris ! I’ll be watching for future posts.

I have a Buckmaster 7, up about 50 feet in the air and it tunes 10 of the 11 bands with an IT-100 autotuner and Icom 7300.  Very happy with it so far. New Zealand is the farthest contact so far.

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