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Yaesu ft-857d vs. Icom Ic-7100

So I find myself debating what rig to get. I’m looking to be able and play SSB on 2m and 70cm and lack 6m currently. I figure an all mode all bander is probably my best bet plus being mobile is appealing so I can play in some of the peak to peak events. I have considered the Yaesu FT-857d, Yaesu FT-991A (although it seems large and has no remoteable faceplate it does have a waterfall.)  , Icom IC-7100 ( the tax man recommends this). So I’m looking for opinions, inputs, suggestions, and ideas. Am I missing a rig to consider? I welcome opinions of those new but I do value the opinion of those who have been in the hobby a while,

Hi Justin...

I took a look at both of these radios and I think I would get the IC-7100. It has a much bigger touch screen....which is important for mobile use. It appears to be much easier to make setup changes ....Plus it has received good reviews The Ft-991A is an interesting radio but as you said...not really a mobile. I don't care for the Ft-857D myself, small screen land of a thousand menus to make changes etc.

Cheers!    Rod

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I have considered an all-band radio for my truck, but 99% of my driving is back and forth to work and for that, I'm on the repeater. Now if I was gonna do a long road trip I'd probably consider a different radio but with that comes antenna(s) considerations as well. With my luck, I'd be chasing 100 watt gremlins around the computer systems on my late-model truck too! For me, the Yaesu 400 fits the bill for the truck and my driving. I can take along a radio and antenna for a mountain topping.

If was going to put an all-band, all-mode radio in my truck, it would probably be the 7100. Like Rod says, the Yaesu small screen and menus are hard to manipulate while driving - although I try not to futz with my Yaesu too much while driving!

Let us know what you decide!


Changed my mind! 🤣


Quote from wa2gdi on 07/12/2019, 10:29 AM

Changed my mind! 🤣


That was done really nicely....for a big radio ! hahaha

So I followed y’alls advice and the taxmans and got the ic-7100. I was looking used but found a great deal on a new rig. Now to figure out if I should get a Tri band antenna so I can do 6m or just stick to my diamond NR770HBNMO.

Hey Justin !

Thats great news.....I think you will like that radio a lot. It's perfect for mobile or base station work. 6 meter propagation is in frequent so I don't think you'll need to worry about that right away. You have plenty to investigate for awhile with all the other bands that IC-7100 covers. Just my thoughts. I myself have never been on 6 meters but I've worked 10 meters quite a bit and that can be a lot of fun !

Cheers! ... Rod