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Who's The Boss?

Howdy Rod!

As I was sitting here in my humble abode at 11:15am monitoring your discussion with Jim Davis about the relative merits of who should rule the "proverbial roost" in the societal arrangement called matrimony, I was reminded of the following axiom, the husband might be the captain of the ship, BUT the wife is ALWAYS the admiral of the fleet! Anchors away!

Best Regards,

Bob Rojas - (KM6UFY).

Hi Bob !

Yes ... well I sometimes say things on the air to stir the pot to stimulate thought...

Ive heard that axiom before...hahaha but have never found it to be the case with my situation. Its usually whom ever feels the strongest about the particular subject matter. Even if I don't feel something is the best....if I don't care much about it ... I don't care what the outcome is...or who made the decision .... seems to work well with little or no baggage attached....

Cheers ! ... Rod