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To Michael From Carmichael - (KN6BXX)

Howdy Michael - (or Mike if you so prefer).

Well sir, after monitoring portions of your Saturday evening discussion, I would encourage you to get into contact with your "LOCAL" Community Emergency Response Team affiliate. Now, I do not know what affiliate or affiliates that might OR might not exist in the greater Carmichael area so you might have to get into contact with the C.E.R.T. affiliate located in the greater Sacramento area to determine when and where the next C.E.R.T. training session might transpire. Now, for purposes of disclosure, I am far from being an unbiased bystander on this subject. I belong to the Pleasant Hill C.E.R.T. affiliate and I've been associated with the Pleasant Hill C.E.R.T. affiliate for the past two years. In addition, I am also generally acquainted with the C.E.R.T. affiliate in my neighboring community of Walnut Creek. Now you know.

Best Regards,

Bob Rojas - (KM6UFY).