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The Vicious Triangle Investigation

A couple of pictures of KM6TAX and W6CRP setting up on a Briones Hilltop for some 2m dx.......


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Cold War Jesuswa2gdi

Great pix!! Kinda looks like the setup we did on Vaca - tailgate ham shack!

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Cold War JesusW6CRP - Carlos - Walnut Creek

Looks good, I like that "tailgate ham shack".

Howdy Carlos and "Taxman",

Just to sate my curiosity, did the two of you literally set up your site adjacent to the roadside? If so, did the East Bay Regional Park District Police Department have any choice words for your activities?

Best Regards,

Bob Rojas - (KM6UFY).

hahaha ....Funny these great pictures from both sets of crew members look a lot like what Joshua and I did on Sonoma mountain!! I guess when you talk with other hams....things rub off you !! Great job Crew !


We set up at the end of Briones Rd. about 200 yards from the turnaround at the end, so very low and slow traffic. The area we used was fairly wide and seemed out of the way. We didn't see any park rangers so no feed back from them, however several folks driving by would pull over out of curiosity and ask what we were doing. Nothing but good feed back from everyone.


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KM6UFY - Bob - Pleasant Hill

Here is a pic of my Saturday (am) QTH. The location is Canada Hill (39.1776, -120.5238) at about 7,000'. Canada Hill is located just west of Robinson's Flat which is at the eastern end of Foresthill Road, Placer County.

The rig was my IC-746pro connected to a mag mount Hustler 2M antenna with a screw in extension. Seemed to work pretty good!

I also tried 10M & 20M antennas which screw into the same mount (needed to move the coax on back of radio) and received Hawaii and Seattle 5/9 on 20 but was not able to break through to them this time (everyone else was pretty amp'd up ;o). Tried 10 but maybe didn't wait long enough for anyone to show up. Also have 11, 17, 40, and 80 antennas for this setup which has previously been successful. Using a MFJ 949e manual tuner for the HF applications. Thinking I need another mag mount or something else to have easier VHF/HF switching.

Also, there was a nice patch of snow near me perfect for chilling drinks... :o)


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Joshua W6LEEW6CRP - Carlos - Walnut CreekKM6UFY - Bob - Pleasant Hill

The Saga Continues:

Howdy Carlos!

Well sir, thank you for both your timely and informative response of 07/21/2019 - 4:15pm. I'm glad to hear that neither you nor the "Taxman" had any entanglements with the authorities that hold sway over Briones Regional Park. I was also glad to read that the two of you attracted a fair degree positive attention to the hobby and service that is H.A.M. radio from errant spectators who were passing through the area. There is nothing like good public relations! Again, thank you for your participation in this 2 METER CREW event.

Best Regards,

Bob Rojas - (KM6UFY)