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REMINDER: Weekly Round Table, 6pm 145.330

REMINDER: Wednesday is coming up for the weekly round table if anyone has any suggestions for format, topics we should cover, or anything else, post them up here and we will try to accommodate.


Carlos - W6CRP

Topical Suggestion - (Maybe).

Howdy Carlos!

Well sir, I rather suspect that I am not the Lone Ranger as it pertains to this particular "issue", BUT I would be very interested in any discussion gravitating upon radio products originating from the Peoples Republic of China. Like myself, I rather imagine that there are any number of folks out here who do NOT have a great deal of discretionary income to expend on the hobby and service that is H.A.M. radio.  So, I would like to hear the various PROS and CONS over which company and product line provides the best bang for the buck when it concerns the acquisition of the often denigrated amateur radio gear emanating from the Middle Kingdom. Thank you for your attention.

Best Regards,

Bob Rojas - (KM6UFY)


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Cold War Jesus

Hi Bob!

I will try and remember to bring this up during the open topic portion on Wed. night. If I forget please jump right in and raise your thoughts/questions about it. I know people varying opinions on that subject.....and a lot of these people own Chinese radios etc.

Thanks got the suggestion Bob !


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KM6UFY - Bob - Pleasant Hill