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Question About Website "Contact".

Greetings to both Rod (Cold War Jesus) and Don (Whiskey Weed Whacker):

Gentlemen (and I use the term loosely of course), as the august Administrators of the 2 Meter Crew Website, when any of us submit a question under the CONTACT classification title, are those questions routed to the both of you collectively OR to one of you specifically? Ideally speaking, do the both of you have a designated turn around time to respond to such bolt out of the blue contacts? Thank you in advance for entertaining this inquiry.

Best Regards,

Bob Rojas - (KM6UFY)

Hi Bob!

There are two admins but one is more like a backup systems admin in case the website itself has a problem. The other , me, takes care of the purely administrative things like answering contact emails and new member registrations etc. There are no time frames on any of that but I do try to respond to any of that asap.....usually the same day and a lot of the time within hours.

Thanks Bob......Rod