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Help me !!!!! I cant reach .33

Hey all looking for advice.  Im new to ham radio. Just got tech and studying for general. I have only 2 hts at this time. Both are baofeng  8 watt radios. Stock antenna. I also have a hole mount tram 10280 mounted on the roof of my truck. With an adapter for the ht. I can hear the .33 repeater and i want so badly to be able to talk with everyone but i cannot seem to get a tx to reach. Does anyone have any suggestions? Or advice?   I love to hike and i really would like to get more involved. I live in roseville and work in northern sacramento off i80. Once i hooked up my mobile antenna reception was even better but to response to any transmissions. Id like to know maybe roughly how much power and what kind of setup i would need to fairly reliable make transmissions to the repeater. It is roughly 67 miles LOS from my home

Thanks.  KN6DAL


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Cold War JesusJoshua W6LEE

Hi Nick!

I'm sorry you're having so much trouble getting into the 145.33 repeater. The first thing to check is the setup in your radio for the repeater. It's 145.33 receive frequency with a negative offset of -600 KC for the transmit frequency of 144.73 . You must also use a PL tone of 100. If you see that is setup properly then you'll need some kind of outside antenna for your HTs etc. at home. Also, some parts of Sac are  not good at all and some are pretty good. So, you may need a more powerful radio (25-50 watts) too.

I hope that helps. You can always ask more questions too Nick ! We hope to hear you soon !

Cheers .... Rod

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Thanks for the advice. I managed to reach derek on the repeater !! My new setup is a mobile yasue 8800 and a tram antenna on my truck. Seems to work well. Im interested in building some antennas to play around with trying to reach on my ht. Im gonna build a yagi for the handheld. We shall see how that works out ! Untill then if you hear someone yelling out kn6dal and he sounds like he doesnt know what the hell he is doing.....thats me !!

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Cold War JesusJoshua W6LEE

Glad you got heard!  That takes the pressure off.

And good pick on the Yaesu.  I’ll bet it works out really well for you. I’m excited to see the yagi you come up with!  Be sure to post pictures.

There are lots of guys on the repeater that can give you advice on that, too.

Ill keep my ear out for kn6dal!



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