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Heathkit SA-2040

The roller of the roller inductor has been tuned when the power amp was at high power on 40 meters.  As one would expect the roller is now warped.

An old trick is to reverse the roller so that less used areas could be used for the lower frequencies. On this tuner that's already been done.

I do plan to work with the roller for a little longer to try and make suitable repairs. Any advice would be appreciated.

In the meantime, I am looking for a small used antenna tuner so I can back on HF.  I am working with 100 watts right now.

I don't much care what one would like, just so it works and the cost would fit in my meager budget.





Hi David,


Im a little confused. Is it the coil itself that is warped or some other part ?  I had one of those tuners and it’s made to tune high power linears at high power. So not sure what happened to yours. post a picture if you have one.

You can get a small (300 watt)  used antenna tuner off eBay for around 50-75 dollars quite often.

Thanks .....Rod

Hi Rod

I hope these photos help. They show a slight distortion on the wire wrapping around the inductor coil. The distortion is apparent on both ends of the core at the same spot, inches from the end of the coil.

I found this site, and what is described there is about what I have here.

I did notice that the wire is not glued to the coil. I am straightening the wire as best I can. I'll use a little emery cloth to clean things up and then epoxy the wire to the fiberglass of the coil.

I did see your suggestion about eBay. I'm a little gun shy of eBay right now. I'd really like to find one from a local ham. I can broadcast the request next Tue.  As soon as I figure out how to email the 2meter crew I'll do that too.


Thanks, Rob, I always appreciate suggestions you may have.



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Are those depressions on the coil? I’ve never seen anything like that before .... I will go look at the website you mentioned.