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Gordon West in Benicia

I was reading my MDARC monthly news letter and see that Gordon West will be at the Benicia Amateur Radio Club meeting on Oct 17th at 7:00. The presentation will be on Tropospheric Ducting, specifically around 2 meter. It sounds like an interesting presentation for the 2 Meter Crew.

KM6UFY - Bob - Pleasant Hill has reacted to this post.
KM6UFY - Bob - Pleasant Hill

Howdy Carlos!

Well sir, as an addendum to your notice, the Gordon West presentation will be held at the HERITAGE PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH at 1400 East Second Street in the City of Benicia. For additional information, E-MAIL Michelle Wyman at

I hope this helps,

Best Regards,

Bob Rojas - (KM6UFY).

W6CRP - Carlos - Walnut Creek has reacted to this post.
W6CRP - Carlos - Walnut Creek

I will be heading over to Benicia after work and catching a bite to eat before the meeting, most likely at one of the  eateries across the street from the venue, subway, giant burger or there is a sit down Italian restaurant. If anyone is interested in joining me let me know where you prefer to eat.