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2MC Winter Field Day on Mt Diablo

Winter Field Day is on January 25th - 26th. A few folks from the 2MC and Vaca Valley Radio Club will be working it during the day on the 25th. Mt Diablo State Park opens at  8:00am and closes at dusk ~ 5:00pm, we will be setting up at the lower parking lot just under the peak. Post up if you are interested so we can see who all will be there.

Hope to see you there.


unless the wife has something else, i'll make the trek up the hill.

Alright Matt hope to see you up there.

this is traffic guy dave in WC [KM6TMZ], see y'all out there on the 25th!!!

YAH !!! We'll be there and hand out "WISE ADVICE & A LITTLE OPERATING TO BOOT? :-)))