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2 meter three element yagi

I have been trying to make a super portable 2 meter beam antenna. This is the latest and closest to what I’d like. It’s three elements, 28” long and 9oz. Packs up nicely and is easy to set up.

The reflector is 40 1/2”, 1/16” diameter. Director is 36”, 1/16” diameter. Driven element is 38 1/2”, 3/16” diameter. Spacing is 10 1/4”. I have smallish alligator clips on the end of coax, but would like to figure out a better system. It works though!  The elements all fit inside the boom (see pictures).

I’d like to put the newer moxon and this antenna head to head. Soon!

Uploaded files:
  • B5E2C490-3B35-43E3-A06A-87D6957B5BFF.jpeg
  • CBD4CE56-C0F0-4568-9E69-3A4C591BC095.jpeg
  • 925753B2-F021-4A08-941F-E3598CF22AA0.jpeg

That looks great!  If the elements could break in half so they could fit inside the bom for carrying, that would be a great portable package !!

Forgot to mention that!  They break down. The second picture is of it stored. I edited the original post.

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