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2 meter simplex from Spicer reservoir for

The Tax Man KM6TAX will be trying some simplex and testing out his log periodic from spicer reservoir. Tune in to K6POU 145. 33 repeater for his initial check in 06/29/2019 sometime between 12:00-15:00

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Cold War Jesus

Thanks Justin!

He sent an email that gave the time but nothing else....hahaha

put a few YouTube channels up on the website this morning.....

I listened in on a few of the Calaveras repeaters between 12 and 3 but didn't hear the Tax man.



Hey Carlos...

There were a lot of folks listening for him around here as one heard him.....Dereck was on Diablo for about for hours today and heard nothing as well ... maybe ...He got a visit from a taxman himself.....😊