Mt. Shasta – Mt. Diablo 2 meter Trials

  • Date: 06 Jul 2019 • 09:00 – 12:00
  • Venue: Mt Shasta/Mt Diablo
  • Location: Nor Cal

Come join the grand experiment with the 2 Meter Crew for some fun as follows:
Location –
Mt. Shasta Bunny Flatts parking lot 7000 ft
Mt. Diablo Summit parking lot. 3800 ft

Date – July 6, 2019
Time of operation – 9am-12pm ,

Frequencies –
2 meter FM
145.33 MHz K6POU repeater
146.52 MHz National calling frequency

2 Meter ssB / upper sideband
144.2 MHz

10 meter ssB / upper sideband
28.42 MHz

modes of operation – FM, AM, SSB


    • This was a lot of fun. I’ve never talked on 2-meter sideband before.

      I’ll be working harder to get my log periodic up in the air.

      • I’m glad you had some fun David! We’re already planning the next event. Possible going to the top of Mt. Saint Helena. It’s a little bit higher than Diablo. Really glad you had the chance to join in on the FUN!!!

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